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Considering the amount of time we spend in our homes, there is not doubt to why we spend so much time worrying about the safety and security within our homes. An easy way to make your home feel safe is to lock your doors - if someone is scouting your home, they will see that you always use keys to enter.
Invest in an external motion sensor system to trigger a main external light to light up your front step, which is an easy to afford option - lights scare prowlers off. With that in mind, a few extra lights to illuminate your house can not only make the house a little safer, but also accent the house and any landscaping very nicely.
Investing in a basic home security system is worthwhile - if any exterior windows are doors are opened while the system is active, sirens will sound and a signal will be sent to an alarm monitoring company. Of course, by the time the police arrive, it will be 15 minutes or more later, so the monthly fees for monitoring may not be worth it, but the siren that sounds is normally loud enough to alert everyone in the house, as well as for several houses around. Most new houses include the wiring for a system as part of the standard build for the house, making it very easy to roll one out in the future.
Consider investing in a fire-proof and water-proof safe if you have a higher end need for safety and valuable assets to protect. Fire-proof is a necessity, since the biggest risk to a home is fire, and water-proof is a requirement, since water will be used to put out said fire - if you want to keep any irreplaceable documents, they need to be kept in a water-proof environment. Another option is to consider a safety deposit box at a local bank - they are far more affordable on a monthly basis.
Learn about your neighborhood, and if your home is in a neighborhood with a higher rate of crime, consider installing bars on any ground-accessible windows - they are a visible sign of physical security. Also, keep your curtains closed on the main floor - they make it harder to see in if someone is trying to figure out if you have anything worth stealing.
The safest home is one in a safe community. Be involved in your community - a strong community has a better chance of rejecting any negative criminal elements as well as supporting positive ones. Community programs like Neighborhood Watch encourage each member of a community to watch out for each other, and as a result, common crime in those neighborhoods is dramatically lower.
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