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Personal security means more that simply hiring a bodyguard to keep you company - let’s be honest: most of us can’t afford a full-time bodyguard when we’re trying to live our lives. It can take more than just a dabble of observation to really feel confident in all situations.
A concerted effort can be made, though, to keep you safe in most situations.
Passwords of all kinds need to be protected. Not only for your computer at work or email account, but your bank code, PIN number on phone calls, anything that requires a password. Don’t be ashamed to cover your hand with your wallet or free hand while punching in a code, and hunching in towards the bank machine to block unwanted eyes is a good thing.
When out and about, you generally want to make sure that you don’t make yourself to be a target - people that appear to be observant and aware of their surroundings and what they are doing are far less likely to become victims of personal crime. This means, don’t show off jewelry, don’t be flashy with money, and don’t give out your address or phone number unless you know who you’re giving it to and are prepared to have them keep that information. Stay on well-lit streets at night, and stay with a group whenever possible while travelling on foot, otherwise take a licensed cab to avoid walking around altogether. In general, use common sense whether you are alone or in groups.
Carrying a personal defense tool, like pepper spray, can buy you some time to escape in sticky situations, however, a better alternative is to learn one of the many martial arts of self-defense. Judo, jujitsu or aikido, for example, can be incredibly empowering to the individual, and they give you confidence in your daily life while allowing you to defend yourself when the need arises.
If you have any diagnosed medical conditions or allergies, it can be virtually a requirement to have at a minimum a medical bracelet that identifies those concerns, as the bracelet will speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself. People who live with a medical condition that affects their mobility should consider an emergency response system for their home. An unfortunate truth is that most accidents happen in the home, so be prepared to allow a way to call for help.
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